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The GrowthMentor Post: Getting Networked Guidance

Six months ago, I was sitting watching TV and I thought how cool it would be to find a way to work with other founders to both support them and learn from them at the same time. I had done a lot of coaching for the executives as well as my peers that I worked with. As the evangelist, strategist, and overall innovation head running around the company, people often asked me about my strange lens on the world and how I could work with them to stretch how they saw things. Frankly, I take great pleasure in supporting others because the only way to learn is to spend time with people talking, advising, being advised, and generally just being willing to donate time to their cause as much as yours.

Figuring there had to be a way to spend time coaching/mentoring without having to do all the legwork of finding people I turned to the web. Within 5 minutes I found a website that couldn't articulate my desire to work with others any better;

I honestly couldn't believe it. After a few emails, a chat with the founder, and a click of a few buttons I became a mentor on the platform. Frankly, it has been some of the most rewarding work I have done in my career. This platform makes it easy to find other founders you can support giving them 30-minute sessions focused on their needs. The platform manages my schedule, enables me to chat with folks on the platform, and even syncs with my calendar. It has been rewarding working with founders from around the world who are seeking help where they have blind spots.

This post is a call to action for any founder or person in a job looking for quick and easy advice from a growing community of experts who can give you the time you need on just about any relevant business topic.

Why sign up?

Fractional and vast support: Growthmentor gives you access to hundreds of different mentors from a variety of different backgrounds all pooled in one place for you to leverage where you need them. Want a digital marketer...easy to find. Need to get help with your SEO...check. Are you a tech founder looking for sales help or a discussion on product-market fit...they got that. How about you wanna change careers and feel like talking to a generalist who can get in your head and help... available. Rather than being stuck with one coaching voice, you get hundreds of folks ready to give you advice.

Join a learning community: Growthmentor is more than simply 30-minute calls. They have meet-ups locally, a slack channel if you wanna chat with others, a place to test your product with the community, and more. An aggregate world of people helping each other and looking for others to collaborate with is hard to find in a Zoom-based world. I have been amazed at the wide array of experiences at my fingertips every day now.

Make the world a smaller place: Growthmentor is global. I now get to meet with people in all corners of the world. I have met with folks from Spain, Russia, India, Australia, England, France, the UK, Georgia, and the list goes on and on. It is satisfying to have met so many business folks searching for answers in all corners of the world. The Growthmentor platform is a great way to have meaningful dialogue with people from all sorts of backgrounds, locations, experience levels, and thinking styles.

It's cheap...relatively speaking: Getting a coach is something that can cost 100-500 an hour. And you only get to talk to one person. For the cost of one call, you can have many calls with many people in the specific area of need you have. Can't beat it.

Being a mentor is something that has been a breath of fresh air in my long days. Helping people and paying it forward is the currency of business. And Growthmentor is a means by which we can make the business community smaller one exciting call at a time.

Join me there...

Use this link to sign up ===> GrowthMentor SignUp

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