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Never Forget...Time is Innovation's Best Friend

Have you ever heard someone say, "Why are you looking into that, we know what they do already and it probably hasn't changed!"

This scenario is something I have heard a thousand times in my 25 years of working to help companies innovate which I define as creating something better by thinking and acting differently.

Let's cut right to the chase. If you want to innovate you have to think and act differently and if you think the world stands still then you are never going to be innovative because you are unable to think and act differently.

The point is this...Time is innovation's best friend.

Essentially, over time, people who want to think and act differently will have the bandwidth to move things forward. Expecting that something you saw in the past is still exactly the same is not only foolish thinking but plain stupid.

It bewilders me why people are amazed at the incredible things we create. I am always one to believe if we can imagine it, then it is possible. I mean how many cool things we see in science fiction books, shows and movies are reality now. Or how about the idea that if you told someone 5000 years ago a metal bird would fly across the sky with people in it they wouldn't hesitate to stone you to death as a heretic?

I guess this blog is a very simple. Never believe that some software, technology, capability or just about anything you experience in your day to day is exactly as it was the last time you saw it. Over time, most people, organizations or entities are always working to move things forward and keep innovating how they do things. And while you will come across things that are truly calcified and unchanging, never make the mistake to think innovation isn't around every corner you look because the odds are in your favor that time is the medicine for innovation's advancement.

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