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What is your True North?

It doesn't matter where you work. It doesn't matter when your company is big or small. It doesn't matter whether you are a CEO or an employee. It actually doesn't matter if you are simply thinking about your life. There is one simple question that anyone who begins working with anyone or who wants to grow as a human should be asking others or themselves...

What is our TRUE NORTH?

Our TRUE NORTH is a definitive way of making a person look out into the future, whether it's two months or 15 years, as a means of thinking about where they want to go.

Why does it matter?

Our TRUE NORTH is our way to looking out towards our goal, defining it, and then coming back to today so we can take action in a way that gives us purpose and direction. Without it, you really have thought through why you are doing anything really.

Can it change?

Sure! But with a defined TRUE NORTH that is important and clear, we can use it to rethink our journey at any time to see if we are headed where we should go.

Should it change often?

No. You create a pathway as a strategy of staying focused today towards a better tomorrow. If that tomorrow never has a definition or clarity it will simply be a bunch of todays meandering in a circle.

How can I put this into action?

It's easy.

Aligning with Others

When trying to gain guidance from others just ask them. Make sure that you understand what they mean. Make sure they understand that they were heard correctly. And most importantly check in regularly with the other folks to see if it has or should change.

Aligning with Yourself

Write it down. Put it on the wall. Create a checklist so you can see if you are getting there. And most importantly resist the urge to keep least for a while.

When should you run?

If your TRUE NORTH is way out of line with their TRUE NORTH then you have misalignment an you need to think about diverging. Because if two TRUE NORTHS aren't going to the same place then you will never get there together.

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